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Our newly refurbished Scrambler is a must for any large event or school fete.  Painted in bright colours and lights on the arms, our scrambler seats up to 36 passengers and will guarantee a ride to thrill.

This major ride has a height restriction of 1300mm.  It is a great family ride as the Mums and Dads love to ride as much as the kids.



Disco Dance

Brightly painted with led lights for night time this is a great option for any event. 18 seater bench ride that spins anti clockwise....130cm minimum height restriction


A family favourite, one go is never enough.  We use a number of different operatorís tracks varing from 10 cars to 16 cars.  Only available for larger events,  the dodgems require a space of 25m x 25m.


Wild octopus


A 24 seater major ride that whooshes high into the air....a real thrill ride....minimum height 130cm




Para Trooper

The Paratrooper is a great thrill ride which will impress those thrill seekers amongst us.  A height restriction of 130cm does apply.  Seats 24 passengers and has colourful lights to really add to the atmosphere at evening events.Round-Up






If you want an exhilarating ride then this is it...a real scream machine. Passengers stand up against a cage wall as the Rock and Roll Round Up spins high in the air...looks great at night with all the lights. A real favourite with the older kids...height restrictions of 130cm apply. Can take up to 30 people per ride.

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