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Mechanical Surfboard

Mechanical surfboardSurfs up!!!!

And you don't even have to get wet. This ride has entertainment value for onlookers and tests the skill of the surfer. The Surfboard has a 4m x 4m inflatable surround and is run by a computer. The operator starts the rider off at low speed until balance is achieved…..and then the speed builds up…..surfers can be aged 5 and up…only a few have reached top speed…..hire it for your next event.

Popular in Fete packages and teenage/adult gatherings.

Gladiator duelGladiator Duel

One of our newest rides…the Gladiator duel is very popular especially with the boys.  Set inside a 8m inflatable ring with an inflatable podium, competitors duel with jostling sticks.  This ride really gets the competitive juices flowing and is a great spectator ride.  For ages 6 to adults. 


9 hole mini golf9 Hole Mini Golf

A real family favourite, the mini golf is great at any function.  The course is made up of 9 3m x 1m holes each with a different level of skill. It can be set up in any formation with bright coloured flags surrounding the course. Suitable for ages 3 to adults.



Dunk tankDunk Tank

When you are looking for a quality dunk tank, look no further.  We have 2 tanks, specifically designed for us.  The tanks are round and offer a larger view area for spectators.  Our tanks have been used by Big Brother, Nova 106.9, Catex hotel, Storybridge Hotel and a number of other high profile events.


Slot car racewaySlot Car Raceway

For all of those racing car enthusiasts out there…this is for you.

Experience the thrill of manoeuving your car around the bends of a 6m x 1.8m oval trailerized track. With 6 hand controls and 3 fleets of cars to suit ages 3 and up…this one is not just for the kids….teenagers and adults crowd around for their turn too. Try it at your sons next Birthday Party….a great addition to any ride package or for your boys entertainment.

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