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Mini ferris wheelMini Ferris Wheel

Add instant atmosphere to your event with our Mini Ferris Wheel which has 6 seats that can take up to 18 children at a time from age 3-11. With lights on the wheel it's an attractive addition especially at night. For day events, each seat has a hat over it providing shade to the children and adding to the overall appeal of the ride.  The Ferris Wheel is great for tight spots requiring only 5m x 3m of space.






Supa swingsSupa Swings

"Supa Swinga" is a great ride at any functions.  The 10 seater swing ride caters for 3 years old to early teens.  It has an adjustable speed control that allows for a slower ride for the smaller kids or a faster ride for the teenagers.



Merry go roundMerry Go Round

Still one of our most popular rides for younger children, our Merry Go Round has 8 wooden horses and 2 carriages to seat toddlers too small to sit on a horse yet. Suitable for ages 2 to 10 years.  Needing a 7metre diameter it comes with its own music, colourful bunting and adds atmosphere to any event.


Quad bikesQuad Bikes

These Suzuki LT 50's 4 wheeler bikes are great for children age 6 and up….We have 2 sets available…6 bikes complete with a 24m x 12m inflatable safety barrier or 4 bikes with a 15m x 15m barrier.  They come equipped with helmets they are perfect for school fetes, sporting break-ups, festivals and company picnics. There is always a line up of children waiting to have a go….

Our bikes are updated regularly and under go a maintenance service once a month so they are always in good condition.  Please note, children must wear enclosed shoes to ride.

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